Friday, November 05, 2010

Good News, We're Sorry

We really are sorry. Things came up. Now they're gone. Now we can dedicate some time to smoking and drinking and this blog.

Things that have happened these past six months:
-Acid Atoms are now my go-to cigars when I'm out, Flavours by CAO Cherrybombs when I at home.
-Dal still sticks to El Batons.
-Two of my friends now carry around a tin of cigarillos. So we're trendsetters now too.
-I tried a beer that I kind of liked. Shocking, I know. It was after a few Manhattans though, so don't hold your breath. A friend of ours is back after spending a semester in England and he lets me try his beers. He seems to have a more palatable taste than Dal. Although I don't know if I really want to drink beer. I've grown accustomed to my reputation as a whiskey and vermouth drinker.
-Dal still can't remember things that he likes.

I'm going to play around more with the look of the blog. It's kinda stuffy. If anyone has any tips or advice or opinions, let me know. I'm running dry of inspiration here.

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